Gourmet Food and Wine

Why gourmet food and wine? It might have something to do with the fact that I grew up eating duck while my friends were having cheeseburgers. It might be because I fell in love with obscure cheese varieties before I could drive.

Gourmet Food and WineGourmet food and wine is in my blood. I was raised by a ‘foodie’ before the phrase went mainstream. However, despite my upbringing every ‘gourmet’ store I went into in my early 20’s, met me with eye-rolls and stuffy attitudes. So, I did what college guys do and did the beer, pizza and wing thing for a while. Those habits grew tiring and I knew it was time for something new.

After I graduated from Indiana University, I knew I could do gourmet differently. I could offer up great products and the best service, while being grounded in reality. I could answer peoples’ questions as they navigated the food and winescape regardless of their knowledge level.

Now gourmet food and wine means so much more to me than cheese and duck. It means providing variety and making mealtime fun and engaging. It means being the best host of a party and doing these things despite your fiscal resources. I knew it didn’t have to be expensive or stuffy. I knew I could offer the best selection of cabernet in town alongside ice cream that will blow your mind. I knew it was time for an exceptional gourmet food and wine shop to arrive in your neighborhood. Come visit us today and define your own gourmet!

Jonathan Sadler

Tasteful Times