The Tasteful Times Team

Jonathan Sadler

I am the man behind the Tasteful Times gourmet concept. I have a passion for wine & food. Everything from my vacations, family gatherings, to my wife and I’s date nights revolve around two things: wine & food. I even proposed at the Joseph Decuis farm, just to make sure our marriage started off with the best meal offered in the state and wine I hand selected. Maggie and I start the week off like many of you do, discussing what’s on the menu for the week, including what will be on our wine list. I love finding new wine and food pairings and I love sharing my wine and food thoughts with anyone who will listen. Ask my young nieces what goes well with Havarti? They know a buttery Chardonnay will pair perfectly (not because they are drinking it…) My favorite times are when I can relax on the patio with my bulldog and my wife, listening to music and enjoying a new or old favorite bottle of wine!


Linda Sadler

Linda is our in-house chardonnay expert. She has an incredibly high success rate for introducing otherwise tentative chardonnay drinkers to their new favorite wine. On top of her chardonnay expertise, she is also the woman behind our beautiful gift baskets. She skillfully creates each basket with care; your friends, relatives or employees will be incredibly grateful for her customization. If you ever have the pleasure of being invited to Linda’s for happy hour, make sure to come hungry. She is known to have a spread of the best appetizers you will ever taste accompanied by great wine and cheese.

Ian Sadler

Ian is the original ‘foodie’. He saw the potential in the niche gourmet food market and made the decision with Jon and Linda to jump in and make gourmet food shopping a personal experience in Fishers. Because of his world travels, Ian understands the wide-spectrum of what gourmet can mean: from street food in China (Cicadas anyone?) to family-owned restaurants and vineyards across Europe. Ian truly has an immense gourmet palate and is excited to help you define yours.

Maggie Sadler

Maggie is the better half of Jonathan/Tasteful Times.  She is the creative force behind some of the stores marketing.  Maggie is a graduate of Butler University and the I.U. Robert H. McKinney School of Law. She helps with the blog and is a wonderful cook in her own right.  If you ever see a bubbly beautiful blonde in the store you can greet her with a, “Hi Mags” and I can assure you she will smile brightly and do everything in her power to help you leave there with a smile.