Host An Event

Host an Event with Tasteful TimesWe know that you are always looking for great ways to showcase your home, celebrate a unique occasion and spend time with great friends. Why not host an event with Tasteful Times?

A wine tasting in your home is a fun and unique way to celebrate any occasion. And the best part is that we do all the heavy lifting while you enjoy the party!

Once you decide to host an event with Tasteful Times, one of our wine consultants will help plan the evening and organize a great wine tasting experience for you and your guests.

After a date has been selected, we’ll work with you to discover your wine preferences and plan an exceptional menu. Wines are hand-selected to appeal to your full spectrum of guests and their unique tastes.

No matter what kind of event you’re planning or who makes up your guest list, we can help ensure that it is fun and memorable. We have conducted tastings with novices just learning to enjoy wines and with audiences that consider themselves full sommeliers. A variety of options and themes are available for the tasting, such as a blind tasting, specific regions or wines of the world. We are also happy to help provide food pairing ideas & recipes to enjoy with your wine selections.

The only costs you incur when you host an event with Tasteful Times are the cost of the wine and $50 per hour for our professional wine service.

We Bring Everything You Need To Host An Event, Including:

  • Tasting notes
  • Wine metric for scoring
  • Ratings and background for wines offered
  • Wine glasses
  • Order forms
  • And your wine – ready to enjoy!


If you would like to learn more about how to host an event with Tasteful Times, complete the form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Cheers!