Tasteful 12

Tasteful 12: A mix of hand-selected wines chosen every month to receive a 20% discount when purchased as a Mix & Match case.

The Tasteful 12 is one of the best opportunities you have to stock up on great wines at our best prices. Each month, we select 12 wines that receive a 20% discount when purchased as a case and are part of our “Tasteful 12 under $120”. As the name suggests you get 12 wines and after the 20% discount are out the door spending less than $120 for a case of wine. The wines cannot be substituted although you may request all red or all white (same wines just 2 of each). This is the perfect way to re-stock your everyday drinkers and for those friends that seem to always reach for the expensive wine after enjoying a few glasses! Call or visit today to learn about this months’ Tasteful 12 under $120.

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This Month’s Lineup


Red Wines


DeLoach Pinot Noir

19 Crimes Red

Santa Alicia Merlot

Ventisquero Carmenere

Renwood BBQ Zinfandel

Zestos Garnacha Rose



White Wines


HD Riesling

Cielo Pinot Grigio

The Loop Sauvignon Blanc

Prime Cuts White Blend

Kendall Jackson Chardonnay

Belcreme de Lys Chardonnay